Photo Gallery

Brandon Seward starting his busy day!

Brandon - A Man with Two Titles

Brandon Seward is a very busy man. He oversees our duct cleaning division as well as serving as our sales associate for Western Sussex County. He also takes all of the after hours emergency calls and dispatches the crews when a crisis strikes. His dedication to his company and his job make Brandon one of our best managers and employees.  

Our Duct Cleaning Pro - John

Cleaning Dirty Ducts

This image shows one of our top technicians cleaning the ventilation system in a local residence. Our process is the most thorough available and will remove the dirt, dander and potential growth within your air system. John has been tackling tough ducts for two years and we have received many testimonials from satisfied customers who have offered feedback on John's good work! We recommend that you clean your ducts every two to three years.    

Dramatic Black Growth at Home in Seaford

Black Attack

This photo shows why you should never leave a home unattended for months. A water intrusion occurred and growth was found on every wall, ceilings and most of the interior. Always check your home and allow for proper air flow and temperature control to protect against moisture growth. 

Rainwater Damage Caused By Tree Branch

Storm damage affects many homeowners across the state of Delaware. There are many ways heavy wind and rain can ruin your home or property. Often, it will be a combination of the two that leads to giving SERVPRO of Sussex County a call. In this photo, a branch broke through the roof of a home during a large thunderstorm. The opening caused by the impact made it possible for heavy rains to flood the attic area, resulting in wet insulation and saturated drywall forming the ceiling of the interior. Our first step upon responding to the loss was proper containment of the opening to prevent further damage from the elements. We then proceeded with the rest of our restoration work. 

Water Extraction Water Loss

This home suffered from a broken supply line in the upper floors. There was a large amount of water that was released from this broken pipe, which proceeded to make its way through the HVAC lines, flooring, and drywall. The damage was extensive throughout, affecting carpeting and more. We opened up the ceiling on the ground floor to removing the soaked drywall, and purge the saturated flex lines. After this work was done, we brought in the extractor to remove as much water as possible from the ground floor before moving forward with demolition. If you have experienced a major water loss, contact SERVPRO of Sussex County today!

Water Loss at a Medical campus

Out team is often called out to respond to loss scenarios at commercial locations around the Sussex County area. This image illustrates some of the exploratory methods used to find and isolate a water loss at a medical facility. This particular location was in the process of closing down and moving the staff to a new campus. We responded to the call immediately and coordinated with the staff to gain access and start the drying process. The water to this part of the building was shut off, the damaged material was removed, and the source was revealed and exposed. Following our initial work, a plumbing contractor arrived to repair the source of loss. 

Basement Water Damage

We see many basement water damages here at SERVPRO of Sussex County. Home and business owners should know that anything part of a structure below ground will be at risk for water infiltration for a variety of reasons. Cracks in the foundation and poor seals around windows are among the most common ways groundwater gains entry into a basement. We were initially called out to this loss in order to extract excess water that entered the home. The job later developed into a cleaning of the concrete floor as well. If you have water infiltration at your home after heavy rains, call SERVPRO of Sussex County for service today!

Storm Sends Branch Through Roof

Storms can cause many different types of dangerous damage to your home and property. Earlier this year, a major storm caused a tree branch to fall through a trailer in the Sussex County region. The homeowner did what they could to stop the rainwater from entering the home, but called us to handle the water and remaining damage. This is a very common situation and we are experienced responding to it. There was plenty of debris that needed to be cleaned up, and thankfully very little water damage despite the circumstances. If you are faced with storm damage, make SERVPRO of Sussex County your first call for assistance. 

Specialty Cleaning at High-End Properties

Sussex County and its incredible beaches are home to some of the finest vacation properties in the region. Being responsible for the maintenance of your getaway can be a big responsibility. SERVPRO of Sussex County has years of experience working with homeowners and caring for their homes in a wide variety of scenarios. We have performed mold remediation, water extraction, fire restoration, and much more and high-end properties all over the county. You need a company you can trust to take care of your investment while you are away. SERVPRO of Sussex County is the best choice for your property restoration needs.

Our Commercial Response Team at a Medical Campus

SERVPRO of Sussex County maintains a trained and qualified crew for a wide range of emergency loss situations. The SERVPRO team has extensive experience working in large commercial complexes and industrial properties. A few months ago, we were contacted by the owners of a medical complex in Sussex County, Delaware. The staff had recently been moved to a new campus, but some personnel remained at the old facility as it prepared to close. A plumbing leak cause damage to several floors which required our services to restore. Our experience working in secure properties and understanding professional protocol in situations such as this made us the right choice for the job. 

Safe Cleaning Methods

We use a variety of safe cleaning methods to restore your property. Dry sponges are used to remove soot, dust, and other material without solvents, and do not leave stains or residue. They are just one of the many safe cleaning tools we can use at your home or property.

Garbage Fire Cleanup

Our technicians are well-trained and resourceful. We recently received a call to clean up a parking lot after a garbage truck's load caught on fire. We utilized a Bobcat vehicle to remove the material from the parking lot quickly.

Water Extraction at Residential Home

This customer woke up to a burst supply line in their kitchen. The entire ground floor was flooded with water. Our crew utilized extraction equipment to quickly remove excess water and stop further damage. These are the types of resources that make SERVPRO the best choice for your restoration needs. 

Growth Removal at Commercial Property

The final day of work at a large commercial space our team restored. Moisture trapped between the walls and insulation resulted in widespread growth. Our team excels at working efficiently to return the property of our customers to working order.

Drying and Extraction at a Local Physical Therapy Clinic

SERVPRO of Sussex County responded to an emergency call at a local physical therapy clinic. A water therapy tank suffered from a pump system failure, resulting in water loss. Our technicians worked quickly to resolve the problem.

Cleaning Fire Damage at Local Trade School

This was the aftermath of a major fire at a local school. Equipment malfunctioned leading to significant smoke and soot damage. We were able to respond quickly and returned the room to working order.

Wet Insurance Office

A recent severe thunderstorm affected an insurance office in Laurel.  Several offices carpets were saturated as this photo shows. Low lying areas in Sussex County are subject to such flooding issues and SERVPRO of Sussex County is ready to respond. 

Drying Out

SERVPRO of Sussex County loves to help animals.  This photo shows the office of a local animal hospital after a water intrusion.  We set air movers and dehumidifiers after extraction to get the drying process completed.

Water Damage By The Books

A recent water intrusion at a local Animal Hospital offers some shocking evidence as to how wooden furniture such as cabinets and bookcases can be damaged when water enters an office area. 

Severe Thunderstorm with Flooding

A recent summer thunderstorm brought significant rainfall as well as strong winds. What wasn't waterfront property - now is.  It is amazing how fast mother nature can create an emergency.  

Rolling Kitchen Islands

This photo shows another angle of the water damage to a kitchen in Rehoboth. The water intrusion occurred under the floor and sub floor and throughout the area and the force created actually lifted the floor as well as the islands and appliances.

Growth Formation After Water Loss

This photo shows a table and lamp affected with the formation of growth after a major water intrusion. Unfortunately, the water loss occurred while the house was vacant and within only a couple of days, the moisture in the indoor environment spawned the growth.  Growth was found throughout the house and created an additional need for remediation.

The Power of Water Under A Kitchen Floor

This photo shows the scene of a recent water loss in Rehoboth Beach. The water heater sprung a leak in the vacant home and the water flowed for several days. As the water spread under the kitchen floor; the result as you can see is a dramatic relocation of both the hardwood floor, the island and most of the appliances. The entire floor and sub floor will need to be demolished and rebuilt.  

Tornado Raising the Roof

On April 15, 2019, the Laurel area sustained damage from an EF2 tornado. This photo shows part of a warehouse roof that was relocated into a tree top during the storm. Imagine what that power could do to any living thing in it's path!  

Tornado 4/15/2019

Sussex County does not see many tornadoes – thankfully.  Unfortunately, that respite came to an end on April 15, 2019, when an EF2 tornado touched down near Laurel and tore a hundred yard wide path of destruction over about ten miles.  This photo shows what was left of an UTZ Snack warehouse located just off of Rt. 13.  The roof of the structure could be found spread across the tops of four trees behind the structure.  The extreme force of a tornado is almost unimaginable.    

Snow Surprise!

Downtown Lewes during an unexpected snow storm in February. Storms such as these can elevate ground water levels that may lead to intrusion in your home. Obviously with any cold weather storm there is also risk of frozen pipes.  Stay Calm and Call SERVPRO of Sussex County!  

SERVPRO Owners and Plungers!

Ray and Jo Ann Hopkins assist Jordan and Wendy prior to their plunge on February 3 at the Lewes Polar Bear Plunge on Rehoboth Beach. Great Day for a great cause - Delaware Special Olympics! Our plungers did great!

Merry Christmas from SERVPRO of Sussex County!

Our festive group photo for 2018! We wish to express to all of our friends and family of customers a very happy and safe holiday season and a prosperous 2019!!! 

Attendance was great for a great cause - Fire Prevention!

Crowds of both young and old turned out for this years National Fire Prevention Day in Rehoboth Beach, DE. The fire department, rescue squads and the local police departments had displays along with SERVPRO of Sussex County. 

Thank you Chris and Elizabeth!

Many thanks to my coworkers Chris and Elizabeth who offered time and hard work to support the presence of our Company - SERVPRO of Sussex County at the Rehoboth Beach Fire Prevention Day. 

Fire Prevention Day Fun for the Kids!

The Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Department had many antique fire trucks on display and many children got to sit in the front seats and ring the bells. This years' theme was: Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware. Fire Can Happen Anywhere!

Fire Truck Bucket Lift Reaches for the Sky!

SERVPRO of Sussex County is proud to have been a part of this years National Fire Prevention Day on October 7, 2018. The event was held at the boardwalk bandstand and we joined the Rehoboth Beach Fire Department and other first responder groups for four hours of education and fun!

SERVPRO Scarecrow

The town of Georgetown is kicking off the Fall season with a Scarecrow contest and above you can see our entry into the event. This event is sponsored by the Arts & Flowers group and we are happy to be a part!

Jordan inspects Dewey Police Station

Jordan uses a thermal camera to evaluate the amount of moisture present at the Dewey Beach Police Station. High Tech tools such as this make our job easier and more exact.

Jordan in Jail....again

Jordan inspects possible growth at the Holding Cell at the Dewey Beach Police Station. We are fortunate to have a great relationship with all of the town services in Dewey Beach and we thank them for their ongoing support!

Post Fire Damage Coat and Seal

Fire Damage response requires many steps that need to be completed before remediation is done. In this photo we can see Matt applying coat and seal at Millsboro fire damage.

Ground Water Flooding Milford Library 9/11/2018

The City of Milford had flood damage from ground water at the Town Library on 9/11/2018. You can see the carpet is saturated before we began work. SERVPRO of Sussex County responded immediately.

Brandon - well fed and ready to work!

Raley Parker, Manager of Chic-fil-A of Milford surprised Brandon and his crew with a nice free lunch on a job site and we say Thank you Chic-fil-A for your kindness!

Chic- fil -A feeds SERVPRO Techs Brandon and Jeff in Milford for FREE!

Chic-fil-A Manager Raley Parker poses with our owner Ray Hopkins after offering free food to our technicians, Brandon Seward and Jeff Mitchell in Milford! Thank you Raley and Chic-fil-A for your kindness and generosity!!   

Sussex County Goes Purple

September has been designated as Substance Abuse Awareness Month and all local businesses are encouraged to display the color purple. SERVPRO of Sussex County offers support with a purple sign.

Safe Lifting and Moving

Rob and Matt safely move a cabinet from a post fire clean up scene using a "forearm forklift" which equally distributes the weight of the object and provides a less stressful approach to moving furniture and appliances. .

Post Fire Clean Up

Allyssa cleaning up after a fire in Millsboro. A house fire is a challenge to remediate and you can see that we check all the nooks and crannies to remove soot and dirt. 

Post Fire Clean Up

Wendy, Allyssa and Rob team up to clean up after a house fire in Millsboro, Delaware. Most of our entire crew worked on this big job and everyone did a great job!

Post Fire Clean Up

Wendy cleaning after a house fire in Millsboro. A major house fire such as this will entail several steps of remediation such as structural cleaning and contents removal and cleaning as well.

Fogging after small fire

Thermal fogging is an effective smoke odor removal procedure because it recreates the fire related properties of heat and pressurization. Wendy is fogging after a small office fire in Georgetown.

Kyle loading air movers this morning.

Every job is different for SERVPRO of Sussex County and requires varying supplies and equipment. Kyle is loading air movers, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers for a water loss in Lewes, Delaware.

Morning Prep

As the work schedule is planned and unfolds; each day begins with the loading of equipment and supplies for the day. Brandon is loading these items in the truck for the workday.

25 Years of Excellence

SERVPRO's Success Thru Service Campaign recognizes the milestones achieved by each franchise. SERVPRO of Sussex County has been offering professional service to our community for more than 25 years!

School Supply Donation

SERVPRO of Sussex County helps the Hunter Emory State Farm Office Stuff the Bus with a school supply donation. Their Campaign "Stuff the Bus" is a local effort to collect and provide school supplies to less fortunate students.